Event : Ludei Presents : CocoonJS Platform for Multiplatform HTML5 Games (3/14)

March 12, 2013

Hi, I’m organizing this free HTML5 Games Meetup event on Thurs 3/14 at Tresensa!

Ibon at Ludei is presenting.  Should be a great event!


Thurs, 3/14/2013 7:00 – 9:00 PM


443 Park Avenue South (at 30th St.), Suite 601., New York, NY

Ludei will present an in-depth overview of how the Ludei HTML5 Game Platform can help developers
- Accelerate HTML5 game canvas performance by up to 1,000%
- Monetize HTML5 games using ads and In-App purchases
- Deploy HTML5 games to the App Store and Google Play with no code changes

Additionally, will give explain how each of the following work together to help HTML5 game developers
- CocoonJS Virtual Machine
- CAAT Game Engine
- Ludei HTML5 Enhancement APIs – Graphics Acceleration, Multichannel Audio, other HW APIs
- Ludei HTML5 Extension APIs – Access to In-App Payments, Native Ad Networks, Analytics, Push Notifications, Live App Updates
- Ludei Cloud Compiler – Turn your HTML5 project into a native app for delivery to the app stores, automagically.

Pizza, Beer, soft drinks, snacks and awesome door prizes.

Please RSVP at our meetup.com page –