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Making Money with HTML5 Games in 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 7:30 – 9:00 PM

HTML5 Games members, clear your calendars and get ready for an awesome Wednesday night!
Congratulations! You’ve created an amazing HTML5 game!  Now what?  Where do you distribute it?  How do you make money with it?

We put together some rockstar presenters who will answer these questions and help you learn how to make money with your HTML5 game.

Our presenters will provide an overview of the current state of distribution and monetization for HTML5 games.
They will also reveal the latest best practices for monetizing your HTML5 game in 2013.

Jesse Freeman, Windows 8 Game Evangelist at Microsoft and Author of “Intro To HTML5 Game Dev”
Jamie Hall, Co-Founder, President & CTO of MocoSpace
Elle Chen, License Manager of BoosterMedia
Robert Grossberg and Vincent Obermeier, CEO and President of Tresensa
and more …

Please RSVP at our page –

Hi, I’m organizing this free HTML5 Games Meetup event on Thurs 3/14 at Tresensa!

Ibon at Ludei is presenting.  Should be a great event!

Thurs, 3/14/2013 7:00 – 9:00 PM


443 Park Avenue South (at 30th St.), Suite 601., New York, NY

Ludei will present an in-depth overview of how the Ludei HTML5 Game Platform can help developers
- Accelerate HTML5 game canvas performance by up to 1,000%
- Monetize HTML5 games using ads and In-App purchases
- Deploy HTML5 games to the App Store and Google Play with no code changes

Additionally, will give explain how each of the following work together to help HTML5 game developers
- CocoonJS Virtual Machine
- CAAT Game Engine
- Ludei HTML5 Enhancement APIs – Graphics Acceleration, Multichannel Audio, other HW APIs
- Ludei HTML5 Extension APIs – Access to In-App Payments, Native Ad Networks, Analytics, Push Notifications, Live App Updates
- Ludei Cloud Compiler – Turn your HTML5 project into a native app for delivery to the app stores, automagically.

Pizza, Beer, soft drinks, snacks and awesome door prizes.

Please RSVP at our page –

If you’re around for GDC this year come see my presentation about HTML5 Games!



If you’re in New York July 24 – 25 2013, I’ll be giving a presentation about HTML5 games at DevCon5 NYC HTML5 Conference.  Come check it out!